Our Story


Of all that exists, Man is unique.....He creates.What remains the same is the creative process.....What changes are the tools by which he creates.

Design Logic, Inc. is dedicated to the creation of superior interior planning through excellence in quality design, in technical execution and in comprehensive professional services to its clients.  We have built our reputation on highly personalized service, complimenting solid functional solutions and tastefully aesthetic designs.  Our projects vary from Fortune 500 giants to designing Interior environments for local companies of all sizes. 

The firm's principal, Douglas G. Ferguson, IIDA, has over thirty-three years of experience in interior design; working with corporate, hospitality, aviation, government, developer clients and private residences across the United States and the Caribbean Islands.  Design Logic, Inc. has extensive experience in new construction and renovation/refurbishment projects, project management, product procurement and acquisitions, occupancy coordination and construction site installations.

For projects with complex requirements in the areas of lighting design, acoustical treatments, audiovisual systems or other elements, Design Logic, Inc. utilizes the services of national and local consultants.  Services of other project team members including architects, engineers, landscape architects, equipment planners, cost control consultants and graphic designers are available to clients as part of the firm's comprehensive design services, or independently through referral by Design Logic, Inc.

Our portfolio is characterized by workable, innovative solutions and imaginative, award-winning designs that span a wide variety of project types.  Sensitivity to client requirements and appropriateness of design response are of the utmost importance to Design Logic, Inc.  In every project we undertake, regardless of the scope of the work, our goal is to provide service and design of the highest possible quality.  The result is handsome, functional and enduring environments.  We are sure you will agree.